Motivated and passionate graduate seeking research opportunities

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Motivated and passionate graduate seeking research opportunities


My name is Pritika Arinana and I am an international student who graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a B.Sc Psychology degree and a minor in Sociology. I am currently looking for post-bacc research opportunities within the field of clinical psychology. I would to enhance my experience in research before applying for clinical psychology programs.

I am familiar with SPSS and posses basic skills in Python. Despite my research experience being limited to the classroom, I have worked on literature reviews, an APA style poster as well other papers which have helped me amplify my writing skills. In my final semester, for my capstone course I worked with a group of students for a study on working and false memories. I also volunteered as a Teaching Assistant for a psychobiology course.

My research interests revolve around an array of topics like that of psychological treatment for aiding physical aspects like that of migraines and pain management along with that of schizophrenia, its treatment and stigma surrounding it. I am open to other psychological research themes as well.

I am a hardworking and heavily motivated individual with aptitude for research in clinical settings. I am open to relocate and I am flexible in terms of starting immediately for remote opportunities. If you have further questions or opportunities and would like to review my resume please contact me at

Thank you for taking the time to read this post!

Pritika Arinana